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Cumming For You

"I love to play with my pussy when I'm home alone, but this is my first time doing in front of a camera. I hope all the guys who watch it like how I look naked. I have to admit that it turns me on knowing that guys will be touching themselves while they watch me touch myself. I also want them to know that I'm as tight as I look. I always have to start off slow when I play with myself–one finger, then two. I can't get much more than that in though!"

Cumming For You

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How Far Will Mandy Go?

Mandy Hudson is 19 years old and from Texas. She doesn't have a job. She just hangs out with her friends at the beach, goes dancing at clubs and gets into trouble. Oh, to be young and hot! She's 5'5", 123 pounds with B-cup tits, a tight body and long, red hair.

"Do you think you can take a big cock?" our interviewer asks.

"Of course. I can take anything," Mandy says, showing a lot of confidence for a teenager.

"Do you have any limitations?" we ask.

"I don't know," Mandy says. Hey, she's only 19. It'll take some time for her to discover her limitations.

But here's what her limitations definitely don't include: sucking cock, licking balls, shaving her pussy, having her pussy eaten on camera, fucking on camera, letting a total stranger shoot his load on her tummy on camera.

If you like 'em young, fresh and sexy, you're gonna love Mandy.

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Lewd And Lippy

How've you and your juicy pussy lips been since we last saw you in the Nov. '09 issue?

"I've been good and so have my pussy lips. Actually I take it back. Lately I've been kind of bad. I've had this overwhelming desire to show off my camel toe in really tight shortshorts. You know the kind–coochie cutters. When I go out to the store wearing my short-shorts the guys are all staring at my crotch. I know they're looking at my pussy and wondering if it looks as juicy on the inside as it does outside my shorts. It's so naughty...I love it! They're not even checking out my ass or tits; they're looking straight at my pussy. If they looked a little harder they might see the wet spot spreading from me being so horny."

What's a fantasy that you haven't fulfilled?

"One day I'd like to have a threesome with two guys. I wouldn't mind having one with a girl and a guy, but something about fucking two guys at once is so dirty. It must feel so good to be full of cock–one in your mouth and one in your pussy at the same time. Then when we were done with all our fucking I'd want to get on my knees and jerk them off at the same time so they would both cum all over me. I know that'd be a ton of cum but I could handle it."

How can you spread your bumhole so wide?

"I'm not sure. I just can! I haven't done anal yet, but sometimes when I play with myself I'll put a small toy in my butt. Guys have asked me if they could put their dicks in my ass, but I'm not ready to try that yet. I will one day though. They also ask me to spread my ass super wide for them, too. When I do that they love to bury their face in it and lick away. The wider I spread my cheeks the deeper they stick their tongue into my butt. I like it; it tickles. But that's as much as I like them to do. Right now I feel more comfortable playing with my asshole by myself. That way if I put a toy up there or something I can control how deep or fast it goes. Putting things in my asshole is new territory for me, so I'm still getting used to it. I would rather explore that on my own before I let someone else up into my asshole. It's sensitive, so I have to be careful!"

How often do you like to have sex, Mya?

"As often as possible! My boyfriend right now is Mr. Wiggles, my favorite vibrator. He's a lot of fun to use and all, but I'd prefer some flesh and blood cock. I'm not getting as much sex as I'd like 'cause I don't have a real boyfriend right now. So I just mess around with my vibrator. But when I do have a boyfriend I like to have sex every day, multiple times a day. I'm a very horny girl, and when I'm dating a guy I get even hornier. I've been told that I have a very high sex drive for a girl my age."

Lewd And Lippy

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Marry Queen

Added on: 05/18/2010
Age: 18
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Ellie's Big Chance

"I've always wanted to be a model, so when I saw this ad for modeling auditions I knew it was my big chance. I'm pretty comfortable in my own skin, so when they asked me model some lingerie I was more than happy to. Then they wanted me to get nude. I was a little skeptical at first, but I figured, 'What the hell?' And anyway, these guys are professionals, right? Well once I got naked it felt really good. I wouldn't mind nude modeling for a living. Then they asked me if I wanted to pose with a cock. It was a big one so I was happy to. Being naked like that really had me turned on, and before I knew it we were fucking for the camera. They told me I'd be great as a porn star and they'd call me as soon as there was an opportunity. I'm still waiting for the call. I can't wait to fuck on camera again," said Ellie.

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The Virgin Next Door

Lexia, is it true that you've never had a cock inside of you before?

"Yes, it's true. But I don't know if I'm a virgin or not. I've put a toy inside of me before, so am I still a cherry? I've asked some of my girlfriends and they've all given me different answers. Some say I'm still a virgin, and others say that if I got a toy all the way up there then I'm not 'cause I popped my cherry. Well, I think I'm a virgin, and so does my boyfriend. He wants to have sex with me but I still want to wait some. He asked me if he could just stick the tip in, but I'm afraid to let him 'cause his thingie is so big! And one of my friends told me that once he sticks the head in, I'm gonna want the whole thing in. So I don't know what to do!"

Why don't you want to have sex with him?

"I want to wait till marriage, but it's like, super hard. And my boyfriend did something the other day that's made it even harder. He went down on me. It felt really good...better than I expected. While I was having an orgasm from him licking me, I wanted to tell him to stick it in so bad, but I didn't. You know, I think he did that so that I would want to have sex with him!"

And you still don't want to have sex?

"I do, but like I said, I want to wait till marriage, or at least until I'm absolutely sure that he's the right guy to give it up to. We've only been dating for a month! I don't think I'm going to have full sex yet, but I might let him stick the tip in. You know, just to see what it feels like."

The Virgin Next Door

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Bedtime Tails

What's up with the pigtails, Nikita?

"I think they look cute on me. Like I'm Pippi Longstocking or something. Some of my girlfriends think they're dumb 'cause they say that my pigtails make me look immature, but I don't care what they think. I still like the way they look, and I also like to have them tugged when I'm fooling around. I guess it's kind of like when boys used to tug your hair on the playground to let you know that they liked you. Only now guys do it when they're fucking me!"

There's no way we can ignore your juicy tits. Tell us about 'em.

"I like to have those played with, too. Sometimes people ask me if they're fake and it pisses me off sooo much! I'm 100 percent natural. And if you don't believe me, all you have to do is squeeze them and you'll be able to tell. Well, even if you do believe me, you should squeeze them anyway. But if a guy is going to be playing with my boobs, he better be ready to lick and fuck my pussy. Because when someone touches my boobs I get wet, and I want to have sex really bad. I've been told that I'm like a guy 'cause I get horny so easily and I always want to have sex."

Does that mean you've fucked a lot?

"Not a whole lot. I've had sex with two guys, and the one I had the most sex with was the second guy. He was my English professor, and he's the one who got me into pigtail-tugging. I had just started my first semester of college and on the first day of class I knew we were gonna fuck. I came into class sucking on a lollipop and his mouth practically dropped to the floor. He was staring at me the whole time. We were having sex by the end of the week. I would wear little schoolgirl skirts with no panties to class and then fuck him after. He'd get boners while I sat there, crossing and uncrossing my legs so he could see my shaved pussy."

Have you ever tit-fucked before?

"I actually haven't! I know it's weird 'cause you'd think that's one of the first things a guy would try to do with me since I have big boobs, but I dunno! I guess the two guys I had sex with were more interested in fucking my pussy. I saw a porno where a girl gets tit-fucked and then sprayed with cum on her chest. I wanna try that!"

Bedtime Tails

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Kate Lynn

Added on: 07/13/2010
Age: 19
Height: 5'5
Figure: 34B-24-36
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Wet For You

Why does Ella love showering?

"[Laughs] Because I'm a dirty girl! Duh! Not like, roll around in the dirt kind of dirty. I just have a dirty mind, and it comes out a lot when I'm in the shower. I guess since I'm already naked and wet it's natural for me to wish someone else was there naked and wet with me."

Do you masturbate in there?

"Let me tell you a secret. All girls masturbate in the shower. Including me. It's one of my favorite places to do it. With the hot water and steam, it's a full body experience."

What about fucking in the shower?

"That's awesome. Like when your face is pressed up against the wall, one leg is up on the soap holder and a guy is fucking your pussy from behind while the hot water drips down your back. It's so hot. And one benefit is that after the guy cums you don't have to worry about cleaning it off yourself! Well, actually I still do 'cause after I fuck in the shower I like to keep it going in the bedroom. Unless I swallow his load. Then I'm done with bathing for the night."

Wet For You

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She Earns Her Pay

Tatum is one of our more unique applicants. She's flexible, talented and offers to take her clothes off right from the get-go. In a rare turn of events, our producers don't have to budget to pay Tatum for what she's worth, but she's not going to settle for that. She's going to work for a raise, and the first one she gets is a boner that rises for her enthusiastic (and slobbery) cock-sucking. Having a big dick in her mouth makes Tatum's pussy wet, and now she's really going to earn that money. It's not every day that you find a girl who can bend every which way and fuck like an animal. Some girls just want to get drilled, but Tatum works her ass and bounces it up and down, requiring no addition pounding from the guy. In this case her hard work pays off when she's rewarded with wads of money and a wad of cum on her face.

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Cindy Loo

Added on: 07/06/2010
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A Poke-Her Party

"This guy wanted me to be a model and hostess at this private poker party. I was okay with it, but I told him I don't do nudity. But then he offered me like two grand just to get naked. Money talks, and those two G's were telling me to show off my little tits and pussy, so I did. Then he offered me like five grand to have sex, and there was no way I could say no. I've never sucked or fucked for money before...but I liked it. The dick was pretty good, too. A girl could get used to something like this."

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Bree Victorie

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Your Flattie Dreamgirl

Kelli, what's the best thing about having a flat chest?

"That I don't have to wear a bra and I'll never have to worry about having saggy boobs! I know everyone makes a big deal about big boobs, but I'm proud to be a member of the itty-bitty titty committee. Guys always look excited when they first see my tits when we're fooling around. They go right for my nipples, and I love it because they're so sensitive."

Do you like it when guys cum all over your flat chest?

"I do like that. It's fun, but it's not my absolute favorite place for a guy to cum. To be honest, I really like it when a guy cums inside me and gives me a creampie. Of course I don't do that with too many guys, only the ones I really trust. But it's the best to be fucking hard, then feel the guy tense up and know that he's about to blow his load inside of you. His cock gets really hard, he starts pounding really hard, and then I can feel his dick throbbing and all his creamy cum shooting up inside of me."

That's something we don't hear often.

"[Laughs] I bet! I got into it because I dated this one guy who was all about it. He just loved to pop nuts inside my pussy and watch it drip out. Then I realized that I really like it when a guy cums inside me, too. It's just so naughty! After he'd creampie me the first time we'd always go to the shower for round two!"

So you like creampies 'cause they're so naughty?

"Yeah, and they're raunchy. Plus condoms kind of suck, but I know they're a necessary evil. I just like the way a dick feels going into my pussy with nothing on it. Just flesh against flesh. The guys really seem to like it, and the more excited they get, the more excited I get. And as I said, it's not something I do with every guy. So when I meet someone who's special enough I get really horny thinking about the creampies to come!"

Your Flattie Dreamgirl

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